Information for teachers

In the following section, you will find information and advice to help you prepare your learners for TEG exams.

1. It is essential that you have a good understanding of what is involved at each exam level from Bonnleibhéal 1 (A1) to Ardleibhéal 1 (C1).  For all information regarding these levels, see the About exams section.

2. The TEG Syllabuses and guidelines for teachers at the various levels are an integral part of this system. Teachers are advised to become very familiar with the syllabus and guidelines for the appropriate level. It is here that you will find detailed descriptions of the linguistic structures, the communicative skills and the vocabulary to be acquired at each of the levels.

Bonnleibhéal 1 (A1)
Bonnleibhéal 2 (A2)
Meánleibhéal 1 (B1)
Meánleibhéal 1 (B2)
Ardleibhéal 1 (C1)

3. Make regular use of the sample papers.  Help the candidates to become familiar with the various sections of the exam and with the kind of questions and tasks in each section.  Similar questions and tasks may be practiced in class or as homework.

4. Advise the candidates to adhere to the instructions given for each question.  For example, they should comply with the word limit given for written pieces.  If directed to put a tick in one box or to write one word in a gap, candidates should adhere to these instructions to avoid the risk of losing marks.

5. Now that candidates can obtain partial certification for their oral skills, ensure that your students are aware of this opportunity.  TEG staff will be happy to conduct oral exams locally at various times throughout the year, provided that there is a minimum of 15 candidates in the group.

6. It is essential that candidates are familiar with the layout of the oral exam.  Candidates often get nervous when taking the exam and it helps them greatly to know exactly what is involved.  Activities similar to those in the oral exam (for e.g. general questions based on the syllabus, roleplays and descriptions of pictures) should form a central part of class work, so that candidates are comfortable with them on the examination day.

7. Syllabuses and guidelines, sample exam papers, sample oral and aural exams and sample teaching materials are all available on this website.

8. Candidates often inquire about the pass mark.  50% is the pass mark from Bonnleibhéal 1 (A1) to Meánleibhéal 2 (B2), while a pass mark of 60% is required at Ardleibhéal 1 (C1).

50-64% Pass 
65-79% Pass with Merit
80-100% Pass with Distinction

In the case of Ardleibhéal 1 (C1), grades will be awarded as follows:

60 - 80%  Pass *
80-100% Pass with Distinction

*Candidates must obtain a minimum of 10% (out of 20%) in each section of the exam in order to be awarded an overall pass in the exam.

9. It is very important that teachers pay special attention to the Reports provided on TEG exams. These provide an account by the Chief Examiner of candidates’ performance in the various TEG exams from year to year and they offer very valuable information for teachers as they prepare students for the exams.

Bonnleibhéal 1 (A1)
Bonnleibhéal 2 (A2)
Meánleibhéal 1 (B1)
Meánleibhéal 1 (B2)
Ardleibhéal 1 (C1)

10. Information for secondary school teachers who would like their students to take TEG exams is available here