• Appeals


    Candidates who are dissatisfied with their grade from a TEG examination, or who have queries in relation to their grade, can apply for an appeal.

    Candidates must ensure that they submit their application by the deadline specified for their examination – usually 7-10 days after the release of grades.

    Please see below for a definition of an appeal. 


    An appeal is where a candidate formally requests the maker of a formal decision, or a person acting on their behalf, to review that decision, i.e. to reconsider the formal decision in light of concerns expressed by the appellant under one or more of the grounds of appeal below. This request must be made using the correct form, and the form and fee must be received by TEG by the deadline specified in the communication regarding grade release.

    The grounds for appeal of an examination grade are as follows:

    • Evidence of substantive irregularity in the conduct of the examination;
    • Evidence of substantive bias by one or more of the examiners in arriving at a decision;
    • Clear and comprehensive evidence that the grade received is inaccurate.


    Disappointment with an assessment result or a view that a higher mark should have been obtained does not constitute valid grounds for appeal.
    Complaints about individuals or about the established procedures do not constitute grounds for an appeal.
    A decision that has previously been reviewed or appealed cannot be appealed on the same grounds again.

    Where an appeal application does not satisfy the grounds for appeal, the appellant is not eligible for a refund. Therefore, all candidates are advised to give careful consideration to the grounds above before making an appeal application.

    If an application for appeal is granted, the relevant elements of the candidate’s effort will be remarked by a TEG examiner who was not involved in the first marking. In the case of PME applicants, TEG will make every effort to process appeal applications by relevant deadlines for PME applications.

    The fee for an appeal is as follows:

    Oral examination: €80

    Oral examination and written examination: €150

    In the event that an appeal results in an increase in a candidate’s grade, the candidate should contact TEG in order to arrange for a refund of this fee.

    To download the Appeal application form, click here.

    To make a payment for an Appeal, click here.