• Information for employers

    Information for Employers

    If you wish to recruit employees with proficiency in Irish or to promote employees who will have duties relating to the language, it is important that you have access to accurate and reliable verification of their Irish language skills.  The TEG exam system offers a comprehensive insight into the strengths and weaknesses of candidates in relation to their Irish language proficiency. TEG staff will be happy to conduct exams in workplaces outside of the official examination dates provided that there are a sufficient number of candidates undertaking the exam.  Contact us if you wish to discuss your needs further.

    Why are TEG exams important for employers?

    Different kinds of jobs require different language skills.  For example, speaking skills would be very important for someone working as a receptionist, while he/ she may not require advanced writing skills.  If you wish to employ someone who will be able to answer written correspondence, a high level of skill in written Irish will be necessary.  TEG exams provide qualifications that verify language skills at five different levels, from foundation level to advanced proficiency level. When candidates take a TEG exam, they get an overall mark as well as a breakdown of the marks attained in each of the skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking).  This information helps employers to choose candidates with the appropriate skills for a job or promotion.

    Please see the sample exam materials for the various level. This material will provide an indication of what candidates can do in the different language skills and the ability expected from candidates in those skills.

    Please contact us if you would like more information about TEG exams or if you would like us to organise exams in your workplace.