• Information for applicants

    Information for applicants

    In this part of the site, candidates, teachers and employers will find additional information about various aspects of TEG Exams.

    Candidates, do you have questions about the breakdown of marks, the number of study hours recommended at each of the levels, what happens on the day of exams, or other such details?  Go to the candidates’ area on the right.

    Teachers, do you have questions regarding the preparation of adult learners for TEG Exams, the breakdown of the marks, the skills expected of learners at various levels, and so on?  There are interviews here with teachers who teach TEG Syllabuses to adult learners.  Go to Information for Teachers.

    Secondary school teachers, many secondary schools are using the TEG system with their senior pupils. Click on Information for Secondary Schools for more information and to listen to teachers speaking about their experience of TEG.

    Employers, there are many advantages of TEG qualifications if you are recruiting employees with particular language skills or if you wish to develop the language skills of current employees. See the Employers’ Area on the right.

    Irish Courses: Follow the Course Centres link for information about organisations in Ireland and abroad that provide Irish courses based on the TEG syllabuses.