• Exam Dates & Centres 2020

    Exam Dates & Centres 2020

    In response to the challenge of COVID-19, all TEG exams scheduled to take place up to the end of June 2020, both in Ireland and at overseas venues, will not now take place. With regard to our B1, B2 and C1 exams in July and August, we will review the situation on a monthly basis and will either hold the exams or reschedule them based on government advice and guidelines. 

    Candidates who have already registered for the April, May, June exams will be contacted directly and will be given the option of (i) postponing their exam to a later date or (ii) getting their exam fee refunded.  

    All updates relating to our exam schedule will be available on www.teg.ie and on Facebook and Twitter



    Time (Written exam)

    Application Deadline

    Ardleibhéal 1 (C1)

    21 & 22 August 2020 (Maynooth only)

    Details available on request



    5pm, 31 July 2020

    Meánleibhéal 2


    25 April 2020 (All centres)-CANCELLED


    8 August 2020 (Maynooth only)

    The written exam consists of two parts:

    A: Aural exam: 2.15 - 3.00pm

    B. Written exam: 3.05 - 5.35pm  

    Oral exams will take place from 9am - 1.30pm. 



    5pm, 17 July 2020

    Meánleibhéal 1


    9 May 2020 (All centres) -CANCELLED


    25 July 2020 (Maynooth only)

                       Aural / written exam: 2.30-4.30pm 

     Oral exams will take place between 9am and 2pm. 



    5 pm, 3 July 2020

    Bonnleibhéal 2


    23 May 2020 - CANCELLED

    Aural / Written exam: 2-4pm in Ireland; 3-5pm in Paris; 9-11am in North America



    Bonnleibhéal 1


    6 June 2020 - CANCELLED

    Aural / Written exam: 2-4pm in Ireland; 3-5pm in Paris; 9-11am in North America

    Oral exams: 9am - c. 2pm in Ireland and Paris, and from 11am in North America. 


    Exam Centres in Ireland 

    • Maynooth
    • Gweedore
    • Letterkenny
    • Castlebar
    • Galway
    • Limerick
    • Cork
    • Kilkenny
    • Kerry
    • Belfast

    A minimum of 15 candidates will be required in each centre in order for exams to be conducted.

    Subject to demand, exams may be conducted in the following centres outside of Ireland at the levels listed below:


    Exam centres abroad

    Bonnleibhéal 1 (A1)

    New York, Paris, Prague, Ottawa, Los Angeles, Washington DC, St. Paul MN 

    Bonnleibhéal 2 (A2)

    New York, Paris, Ottawa,  Washington DC

    Meánleibhéal 1 (B1)

    New York, Paris, Ottawa

    Meánleibhéal 2 (B2)


    If you are interested in having a TEG exam centre in your area, please contact us at teanga@mu.ie